Restorative justice takes an inclusive, participatory and transformative approach to mediation and conflict resolution.

The Finnish Forum for Mediation and Restorative Justice contributes actively to the development and spread of restorative justice principles and practices in the world.

We offer trainings, conduct research and actively collaborate with peers and partners to influence societal development and wellbeing through mediation and restorative justice.

All people have the right to be treated fairly and with respect. If one’s voices are not heard and needs not met, experiences of harm will follow.

Children & young people

Mediation skills learned early on carry throughout life. The skills are transferred in the form of social capital to the immediate community and society more broadly.

FFM has extensive experience of working together with children and youth for over two decades.


Mediation can repair relations between neighbors and communities. It can help the parties find a joint, sustainable solutions that improve the well-being and safety in the community.

FFM has accumulated experience in neighborhood and community mediation via the Community and Mediation Center, which currently works under FFM.

Criminal cases

In the context of crimes, a restorative mediation process aims at restoring relationships between victims, offenders, close relatives and the community in a problem-solving and transformative way, which looks to the future.

FFM actively follows the development and application of restorative justice in domains of criminal cases and liaises with experts in the field. 

We are open for cooperation & dialogue

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